Friday, January 11, 2008

Should he stay or should he go?

That is the question facing Cal Poly junior wide receiver Ramses Barden heading into the weekend.
In an interview Thursday, Barden confirmed he has turned in paperwork to the NFL advisory committee and is considering leaving school a year early for the NFL Draft.
The 6-6, 228-pound All-American said he was projected as a fifth-round pick by the committee -- which some have said can be right on with its projections or be a bit conservative, depending on who you talk to.
Either way, it looks like leaving a year early could be a gamble for a FCS/I-AA player, even if it's someone with Barden's size, speed and play-making ability.
The general feeling I'm getting from players and others sources close to the program is that Barden is leaning toward returning to school but is keeping his options open just in case.
Then again, in the interview Thursday, he said he's "still not completely decided yet.”
Well, he better be soon. The deadline is Jan. 15. You can read the rest of the story here.

Saturday update:
Reached by phone tonight, the Cal Poly wide receiver told The Tribune he is still undecided on whether he will return for his senior season or forego his final year of eligibility to enter the NFL Draft.

In the meantime, what do you think Ramses should do?


GoPoly said...

As a fan of Cal Poly football I definitely want him to stay. As a pro football fan I want him to stay as well...why? Because, as good as he is, there are way too many pro prospect WRs lining up for the '08 draft, and none of them are 1-aa(FCS, if you insist). I concur with Ellerson's comments in today's Trib, Ramses needs more time and exposure to increase his stock for the '09 draft to maximize his payout potential.

Bottom line is that the odds are against him to leave early.

Go Poly!

Anonymous said...

By Barden's own admission, he'd be a 5th round pick. Going so low isn't worth it financially. He'd be better served by staying, working to break every record possible, creating even bigger buzz around his name and moving up to a 2nd or 3rd round pick where there's better money.

Coming out early to be a POSSIBLE 5th round pick is barely worth discussion.

anon e. muss said...

Indeed... you only leave the draft early if you know FOR SURE that you're going in the early rounds and will get big money. Otherwise, you go back to school and finish your classes and work to increase your draft stock. It's not like baseball, where you get drafted really low and decide to go back to school. In football, once drafted, you're no longer allowed to compete collegiately.

fan from LA said...

Barden will make the right decision. He'll get sound advice from old pros, which includes his father (the NBA). But the offense in 2008 needs to "feature" his talent more. Throw him more than the "deep fade." I saw the N.Dakota St. game and he was vastly underused. Talent like that needs to be used for more than the big play.

Anonymous said...

it all depends on how fast he runs the 40

I agree, would like to see him on more slants and reverses to gauge his ability.

I'd lean towards staying for one big reason. He's got a veteran QB in Dally that will help make his stock look better.

Anonymous said...

man milne you got my hopes up i thought this blog was about Brom's staying or going.... maybe for another one

as for Barden, yes he was underused, 1aa guys need to get as much exposure as they can, and hopefully can increase his stock in 2008

Anonymous said...

Unless Ramses Barden is pretty much assured of a round one or two selection he has nothing to gain and everything to lose by making the move to the NFL. According to one of the draft websites ( his time in the forty is 4.63. That is not fast enough. He needs to have another great season and he needs to get faster (at least in the 4.5 range) or he is wasting his time, his eligiblity, and his talent by moving to the NFL.

Anonymous said...

Ramses is easily the best offensive player to ever go to Cal Poly. I think he should stay and fine-tune his skills another year, but if he decides to go I will support and cheer for him next year. Hopefully he wouldn't get drafted by the Dolphins!