Thursday, January 03, 2008

Great West will get another new face

Another Great West Conference program will be playing under a new coach next season.
A week after Southern Utah announced the hiring of Ed Lamb, University of North Dakota’s Dale Lennon resigned from his post to take over head coaching duties at Southern Illinois.
North Dakota and South Dakota are set to play in the Great West in 2008, although you wouldn’t know it by the Great West Web site, which barely mentions the schools on its homepage. North Dakota State and South Dakota State are still featured on the site, although the two programs will be playing in the Gateway Conference in 2008.
Even though the FCS season is over, the conference site probably won’t recognize the realignment until the end of the current academic year.
In the meantime, there is a Web poll on the site that asks what team should be the preseason favorite in the Great West. As of Thursday at midnight, UC Davis led the poll with 2,508 votes (56 percent). Cal Poly was next with 1,252, followed by North Dakota (489), Southern Utah (112) and South Dakota (86).

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Anonymous said...

Regarding the Great West poll -- it is basically meaningless. I took a count when I posted a vote a little over a week ago which put Cal Poly up by a little over 40 votes. Since then UC Davis has posted over 1200 votes without any other team posting any votes. It is easy to vote as many times as you want on this poll by simply using the back function and then going ahead and voting again. As long as you are patient you can vote as many times in a row as you want. There is no way that UC Davis should be posting over 120 votes in a row without some using this same back function. What we have here is some UC Davis fan (or parent) loading the voting box. Yes, I have tested this function and I know for a fact that it is easy to vote like this again and again as long as you are willing to sit there and vote. I did not bother because I really do NOT care what the opinion is as to which team will win the Great West next year. My opinion -- yes our opinions are really meaningless. What matters is the team that each school puts on the field next year. On paper I really do not see where it is possible to pick UC Davis over Cal Poly next season. The UC Davis votes are 56% of the total and Cal Poly is 28%. What substance must the UC Davis fans be using for them to think that they should be favored to win the Great West next year.

PS -- congratulations to UC Davis on breaking their consecutive season winning streak last year with their stellar 5 win and 6 loss season -- OUTSTANDING !!!