Thursday, October 04, 2007

Ex-Mustangs still waiting for the call

I’ve been getting a lot of questions from Cal Poly fans lately about the whereabouts of some former Mustangs football players.
Well, here you go:

  • Kyle Shotwell is home in Goleta.
  • Jordan Beck is home in Atlanta.
  • And Kenny Chicoine is home in Newport Beach.
The three former Mustangs’ football careers are on hold this week as they play the waiting game until they get a call from another pro team.
You can read more about Shotwell and Beck’s hopes of filling a free-agent linebacker position in the NFL in Friday’s Tribune. Shotwell had a workout with the Green Bay Packers on Tuesday, not Monday as many of the local media reported.
Chicoine, as I wrote this past weekend, was bummed he missed the Hall of Fame activities at Cal Poly because he was looking forward to meeting former Cal Poly career interceptions record holder Mark Davis. Chicoine broke Davis’ record of 17 career interceptions last season.
Chicoine was in Japan last week where he was playing for the Fujitsu Frontiers of Japan’s X-League and had been living in Kawasaki, Japan, but appears to have moved back to Newport Beach after what he called a “fallout” with the Frontiers.
Chicoine did not comment on the reason for his departure in an e-mail today, but I do know he had an opt-out clause if things didn’t work out there. So like Beck and Shotwell, it sounds like Chicoine’s playing career is on hold as well.

Chicoine photo courtesy Kinzo Takaba/Fujitsu


Anonymous said...

Any updates for any of these guys?

Anonymous said...

Beck just signed with the Denver Broncos!