Thursday, August 30, 2007

A little taste of Texas thunderstorms

Cal Poly head football coach Rich Ellerson had to be loving that thunderstorm that came through early this morning.
Ellerson is known for his oddball game-week preparations, trying everything in the book to prepare his team for the “adversity” it will face on the road.
Prior to any game in a dome, Ellerson has his assistant coaches running around the practice field all week screaming and blowing whistles as loud as they can in hopes or re-creating the ear-piercing crowd noise the team will endure away from Alex G. Spanos Stadium.
But there’s usually no way to re-create the weather conditions the Mustangs will see at outdoor stadiums on the road, not here on the sunny Central Coast.
Well, early Thursday felt like a muggy Texas night all right with scattered thunderstorms rolling through town and surprising many SLO County residents with window-rattling thunder and a spectacular lightning display.
The Mustangs will probably be dealing with the same scene Friday night when they touch down in San Marcos, Texas, where the weather forecast calls for temperatures in the upper 80s and scattered thunderstorms throughout the weekend.
Saturday’s kickoff at Texas State is scheduled for 6:05 local time (4:05 SLO time) at outdoor Bobcat Stadium where the hosts are used to thunderstorms like this.
I’m guessing it will feel a lot like the 2003 opener at muggy Texas-El Paso, or in this case, a late August night in San Luis Obispo.
So it’s not exactly sports content, but if you missed it, here’s part of that lightning display I caught this morning along with some pictures at the end of the 30-second clip:

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