Sunday, October 29, 2006

Memorable quotes from Qualcomm

Some of best lines from the Cal Poly football team’s 16-14 victory at San Diego State in Qualcomm Stadium:

“This is what I call a homecoming!”
Tredale Tolver, Cal Poly’s wide receiver and San Diego native, during the team’s postgame celebration. The win came seven days after the Mustangs’ meltdown on homecoming at Alex G. Spanos Stadium.
“Well, basketball season starts on Wednesday.”
An unidentified San Diego State staff member moaned as the 1-6 Aztecs left the field.
“… I just started laughing and fell on it as quick as I could.”
Cal Poly safety Kenny Chicoine on the late-game fumble that was bouncing around in front of Mustangs defenders Andre Thomas and Kyle Shotwell. Chicoine beat both players to the ball, setting up the game-winning field goal by Nick Coromelas.
“It came down to one play, 50 times.”
Cal Poly head coach Rich Ellerson doing his best Yogi Berra impersonation.
“I actually kicked the ground first, so it didn’t feel good at all, initially.”
Cal Poly kicker Nick Coromelas on his wobbly line drive of a field goal that won the game.
“This was one of the toughest days of my career.”
First-year San Diego State head coach Chuck Long, a runner-up for the Heisman as a quarterback at Iowa who coached previously at Oklahoma.
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You can read the game story here for more on the Mustangs' second victory over a I-A opponent in the Ellerson era. ... Here's a follow on Kyle Shotwell's record night. ... Up next for the Mustangs is No. 2 Montana, which is coming off a 23-10 victory over Idaho State.

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Anonymous said...

I'm an Atascadero native but I go to school at SDSU, so either way the game went I was happy. I have to give props to the Mustang maniacs that showed up at the Q. It had to be one of the loudest visiting sections I've seen at an Aztec game. There was a pretty good size student section from Poly. Also, good job to the Mustang band, that helped hype up the crowd. It's a small band but they are good. Nice job Mustangs!!