Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Taking a summer vacation

To my loyal blog readers, all three or four of you.
I am sorry to ruin your summer vacation, but the NCAA has banned me from blogging about Cal Poly sports for the next month.
OK, not really. But the NCAA is cracking down on blog updates from NCAA Championship events if you can believe that. Read all about it here.
I am going on vacation through July and probably won’t be posting any updates until the football team opens camp on Aug. 8.
Until then, check out my blog updates from the 98-mile kayak trip down the coast of SLO County.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Brian for your efforts! I enjoy your work.

Enjoy your vacation!

P.S. is big brother NCAA controlling the internet?

Johnny Mann said...

#2 reader checking in. Enjoy the summer and then come back and update us on former Cal Poly players that are in the NFL now.


Anonymous said...

Hey Brian - long time reader, first time poster...

Regarding the NCAA, I think this has been a revealing little incident. In my mind, the NCAA is just another nation-wide content creting business. It's their show, and they're reminding everyone that they own it.

As far as I'm concerned, any media that covers the games is just helping them out. Obviously the paper/website/tv-channel gets to sell ads and maybe charge some per-copy or per-subscriber fees, but they're essentially delivering the content from the producer to the consumer for free.

The cry that there's some sort of first amendment right to give away the content in violation of the media credential aggreement seems silly to me. He was told the rules beforehand and he chose to blog it anyway. I have little sympathy for him.

But anyway, enjoy the vacation! And thanks for the draft coverage - I never would have been able to pick out the useful SLO-related info without it.

Anonymous said...

Brian, it's way past the 13th. Your readers are hungry for some Cal Poly insight. When's the men's basketball schedule release?

Brian Milne said...

I know, I know. I lied. But I'm in the middle of the ocean right now. Give a guy a break. Check out this blog we're doing instead for the time being.