Friday, April 13, 2007

Playing the name game at Cal Poly-SLO

Man, that -SLO sure gets people fired up.
So does Cal Poly still have a branding problem?
It appears many of the Cal Poly faithful think so (see comments on the previous post below).
The whole topic came up this week when Cal Poly, this being the San Luis Obispo campus, was mistakenly called Cal Poly Pomona in an Division I softball poll. Cal Poly-Pomona is a DII school that doesn't even field a softball team in the spring.
Not that this is the first time the two schools have been confused.
One of the most memorable blunders came during a media/coaches teleconference in March 2002, when the Big West Conference’s own moderator, Randy Rosenbloom, welcomed Cal Poly head men’s basketball coach Kevin Bromley to the call as the “Broncos head coach.”
“We’re the Cal Poly Mustangs,” Bromley replied in a stern tone. “The Broncos are in Pomona.”
As noted in an earlier post, I've seen Cal Poly referred to as Cal Poly-SLO, Cal State Poly, Cal Polytechnic State and California-San Luis Obispo the last two years alone.
It seems like small potatoes, but those inconsistent references don't sit very well with the folks in Cal Poly's athletic department. The Mustangs fought hard to drop the "-SLO" in the 90s and even address the name game in its media guides on Page 2.

When referring to any Cal Poly athletic team, please use only "Cal Poly" to denote the school. Please refrain from using names such as "Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo" and "Cal Poly-SLO."
A quick search on the Web finds that Cal Poly-SLO and other variations are still used all the time. We’ve even let the -SLO slip by in The Tribune a couple times in AP text, and I always seem to get an e-mail about it the next day.
Darrell Jones’ bio with the Arizona Rattlers says Cal Poly-SLO.
Chris Gocong’s bio with the Philadelphia Eagles says California State Poly, which is a new twist.
At least the Atlanta Falcons got it right on Jordan Beck’s bio, well at least in the right-hand column. Read the complete bio and you'll see he played at Cal Poly/SLO.

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Anonymous said...

Its time to crack down on this problem and get it right! Cal Poly is CAL POLY, nothing else!

Prez and AD, I hope you are listening!