Friday, March 23, 2007

From Poly dropout to national champion

There's been a Kameron Gray sighting In Oklahoma City.
You remember Kam, the happy-go-lucky point guard from Oakland who led the Cal Poly men’s basketball team to wins over Cal and USC early in the 2003-04 season.
The same Kam who dropped 35 points on UC Irvine only to become academically ineligible shortly thereafter, missing a season and a half before flunking out of Cal Poly altogether.
The academic casualty cost the Mustangs a scholarship when Kevin Bromley’s squad failed to measure up to the NCAA’s new APR standings.
“Cal Poly bent over backward for Kameron Gray,” Bromley said after Gray’s dismissal. “The coaching staff went above the call of duty to help him. ... We made sure he was meeting with tutors, going to class and we did that for three quarters. The bottom line is he didn't want to go to college.”
Guess again.
Gray popped up at Oklahoma City this past season and led the Stars to an NAIA Division I national championship on Tuesday.
And the 6-1 guard didn’t just play for the Stars, he carried them, averaging 12.8 ppg and 6.0 apg in the tournament en route to MVP honors.
Gray had 14 points and eight assists in the 79-71 win over Concordia in the championship game held in Kansas City.
Maybe more impressive than his numbers on the floor are his numbers in the classroom. Gray, according to The Oakland Tribune, had a 3.2 GPA in the fall and is on target to graduate next year with a degree in physical therapy.
What a difference three years and some studying can make, ehh?
"Kam could run for president on our campus and he'd win," Stars coach Ray Harper told The Oakland Tribune. "Our (school) president told me, 'I love seeing Kameron Gray. He's always got a smile on his face.'
“He’s going to be very successful at whatever he does.”


Anonymous said...

What are you suggesting? That Poly officials didn't hold his hand sufficiently? Or that the wrote the wrong grade on his report card? I would like to see his transcipt and the types of courses he took, perhaps a quiz of what he learned while at Oky City.
Poly needs student athletes, not unqualified jocks to drag down my alma mater!

Anonymous said...

i have a feeling Brom's was all talk on bending over backwards. If its not the season, I highly doubt the coaches are in their players academic lives.
hopefully thomas passed all his classes this quarter or hell be done as well.