Thursday, February 15, 2007

Piecing together Poly’s ’07 FB schedule

Here’s my mock 2007 Cal Poly football schedule, minus dates for the most part. Only the first three games with dates have officially been announced by Mustangs opponents. Cal Poly has not announced its 2007 schedule, although Cal Poly’s AD confirmed Thursday that five games will be played at newly renovated Alex G. Spanos Stadium. The official schedule should be announced within the next couple weeks. Let’s see how my guesstimates hold up:

Games that have been announced (official):
vs. Iona (Nov. 17)
at UC Davis (Oct. 13)
at South Dakota State (Oct. 20)

Conference games (under contract):
vs. North Dakota State
at Southern Utah

Nonconference games (under contract):
vs. Weber State
at Texas State

Other nonconference candidates (unconfirmed):
vs. Northern Colorado
at Idaho
at Idaho State

That leaves one more, which will likely be a non-Division I school.
Let’s just say Humboldt State or someone who would come to Spanos Stadium.

That adds up, I think. Five home games: Iona, No. Dakota State, Weber State, No. Colorado and a DII. Six away games, including five that are out of state: UC Davis, So. Dakota St., So. Utah, Texas St., (FBS/I-A) Idaho and Idaho State. Yikes. Time to cash in those airline miles.


Anonymous said...

Scheduling a DII School would be a big mistake if the Mustangs want to get into the playoffs. There are plenty of D1 teams that need a game, and it makes more sense to play one of them (and only get 4 home games) than playing a home game that will hurt playoff chances

Anonymous said...

How about a home and home with Applacian State -- Winners of 2 National Championships in a row? They could play in SLO this year with a return the following year. That could help strength of schedule

Farley said...

I would like to see Poly transition into Div 1A and join the WAC or MWC, or another viable group of schools to form a conference, so they don't have to travel so far and/or host unrecognizable teams. It's far fetched, but it's hard to remain interested when I have never heard of the schools Poly plays.