Saturday, September 30, 2006

Hall of Fame weekend to remember

Hall of Fame weekend came to a close Saturday night with the Cal Poly football team pulling out a thrilling come-from-behind victory over Southern Utah, 18-14, at Alex G. Spanos Stadium.
It was an exciting ending to an emotional couple of days of tributes for the 1960 Cal Poly football team, which had its season cut short by a tragic plane crash that killed 16 players, a student manager and a booster after a loss at Bowling Green.
At halftime of Saturday’s game, survivors and hundreds of friends and family members of the victims met at midfield for the Mustang Memorial Field dedication.
It was a moving tribute that even got announcer Mike Moreno a little choked up.
A day earlier, Mustang Memorial Plaza — located at the new entrance to the stadium — was unveiled shortly before the 1960 team was inducted into the Cal Poly Athletic Hall of Fame.
The general feeling from the few survivors, friends and family members I was able to speak with over the weekend was that the various tributes honoring the team were fitting and greatly appreciated … even if they were a bit overdue in some eyes.

I’d be interested to see what some of our readers thought about the ceremonies …

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Leonard Cravens said...

Several of the players either were from or played for Bakersfield College. I was 2 years old in 1960 in Bakersfield. My Father mentioned the plane crash several times after I started going to Cal Poly in 1979. It seems the Renegades had a game that night of the accident. BC was leading Long Beach CC at halftime when the accident was announced at the game. The second half was all Long Beach, for obvious reasons. This tribute was long overdue. I always wondered why there wasn't more
than just the stone and plaque at the flagpole at the stadium.